Introductory message

Introductory message for establishment of the association

<Towards the creation of environments for children’s healthy growth>

Children’s growth is now in danger.
- Bullying, school refusal, youth’ crimes, aggravation of mental and physical health -

Living in a prosperous life, various social phenomenon related to children are remarkably raised; such as school refusal, delinquency, crimes and living custom diseases. It is worried that in both children’s minds and bodies, ‘activation’ has become low.

It is also said that various issues are raised in human relationships such as bullying and child abuse by causing of accidents and danger to children. At various fields, such as home and schools, many problems occur to children.

Environments surrounding children are getting worse.
- Lack of ‘children’s point of view’ in urbanization -

Why is such a situation happening?

In Japan, since 1950, because of aiming to economical prosperity, urbanization and destruction of natural environments have proceeded and the function of the family and society has enormously changed in function and efficiency has been given priority. We wonder if ‘children’s point of view’ has been ignored.

We believe that in extreme change of environments surrounding children, it was not sufficiently grasped how the change of environments may have influenced them, and therefore, only strategies like symptomatic treatments were carried out. Science and academic fields studying relationships between environments surrounding children, and growth of health and body has not been established yet. A ‘road map’ is necessary to construct a social environment in which children can grow well.

Creation of environments related to children’s growth
- Interdisciplinary synthetic science in co-operation with practitioners and academic researchers -

Children cannot choose the environment in which to grow. It can be thought that environments where children who are torchbearers of our future, can grow healthily, will create the future. Crossing over academic fields, gathering researchers and practitioners, researching, making suggestions and practices together, establishing environmental science relating to children’s growth and realizing to create better environments for children are our aims at the ‘Association for Children’s Environment’.

We are awaiting for participation from all people who are interested in the creation of an enriched growing up environment for children.

President of the Association for Children’s Environment
Takashi Igarashi

Chairman of the Association for Children’s Environment
Mitsuru Senda