ACE Children’s Environments Association
Child Aid Program For Recovery from the Disasters in Tohoku Kanto Area 

 ACE :http://www.children-env.org/

1. At first to Children,  Children’s Environments, the support should be focused
2. Hear children’s voice, for children’s Resilience
3. Child friendly recovery and reconstruction in long term

1. Portal site:
Set up the portal site on line as a publicity work and collecting all information about children’s matter in the
disaster area and support, making linkage with different sites. The contents should be visible according to the process of the

2. Sending professionals and volunteers:
  1) Professionals such as clinic psychologists, therapists, play workers, educators, etc. and volunteers will
      be collected through the network and send them to the required places. 
   2) Organize training workshops for such supporters. 3)Play mobile activities may be needed to think about
      the geographic conditions of the disaster area. 
      It would be needed to ask car company to donate mobile cars even if those are old ones.

By the likage with Kodomono Egao Genki Project (Children’s Cheerful Smile Project) in Sendai




By the linkage with Adventure Playground organization


This is the seaside park adventure playground at Wakabayashi ward in Sendai city, which was damaged by Tsunami.
 Fortunately play leader Akio Nemoto is survived and start his activities through adventure playground. 

By the linkage with play mobile organization


3. Hearing children’s voices:
  1) Listening children’s voice by linkage with child line.
  2) Propose the system to hear children’s voice to reflect daily management at refuges and recovery of daily life.
  3) Set up guideline of “hear by right” for child’s own resilience, by interactively reflecting the praxis.

4. Child participation putting children’s view in the long term reconstruction after the disaster.
  1) realize child friendly cities for the long term reconstruction at the disaster area by children’s participatory process. 
  2)connect the world wide support especially with children direct and the other organization of children’s matter.

5. Collection of donations, fund raising:
  1) Asking companies, population and worldwide network to donate. 
  2)The members are recommended to apply different funds.